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What is a Giclée and Why is It Valuable?

"In its most basic definition, giclée is a French term for "to spray” or “to squirt”. It references the process that an inkjet printer uses to reproduce fine art or photography to create individual copies of the original piece. It is important to note that not all inkjet prints are giclée prints. With giclée printing, you can expect a higher quality product that lasts longer than your run-of-the-mill inkjet prints and there are certain criteria that must be met for a print to be considered a giclée." -Excerpt taken from Authored by Leily Zhu

Simplified, with giclée printing, the paper must be archival quality to ensure the longevity of the artwork. While the he ink used for a giclée printer should be pigment-based, instead of dye-based ink. Check the specs


Giclée prints will com hand signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. 

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